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Introduction Of Cabinet And Furniture Concealed Hinge

Date:2015-01-04 Clicked: Front Sizze: L|M|S

Introduction Of Cabinet And Furniture Concealed Hinge: 

* Description

Type: Full Overlay, Half Overlay, Insert  

Closing Action: Two way

Hole pitch of cup: 48mm  

Hole pitch of plate: 32mm

Edge spacing: 37mm

Cup Depth: 11.5mm

Cup Diameter: 35mm

Door thickness: 14-28mm

Degree of Opening: 107°-110°

Degree of Opening: 86°-87.5°

Material: Steel

Plating: Nickel

1/Net weight: 62g±2:Material thickness: Cup: 0.7-0.8mm, Arm: 1.0mm, Plate: 1.0mm

2/Net weight: 59g±2:Material thickness: Cup: 0.6-0.7mm, Arm: 1.0mm, Plate: 1.0mm



* Heat treatment: 4*7mm screw, 7*10.5mm screw, U nail, Square spring, connected part.

1) The small tube must be round and the diameter of it must be steady. It is very importand for the quality of the concealed hinges and the steady of the concealed hinges. 


2) We used one specialized machine to produce the square spring to make the tube more round and make sure the quality of the square spring more steady.



* The 7mm hole (on the arm of the concealed hinges).


This 7 mm hole is higher than that from other factories. The hole have 3~4 rings screw thread. The hole from others factory's only 1-2 ring screw thread.


 This hole is important because it is for the adjustable screw. It could make sure the hinge not be damaged when the worker adjust the screw too rude. And make the concealed hinges more strong. 


* Nonskid lines
The nonskid lines is so deep. It make sure the concealed hinges is so strong. And the door will never fall down. 


* Normal Packing: