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How to Install The Invisible Hinge

Date:2014-12-26 Clicked: Front Sizze: L|M|S

How to Install The Invisible Hinge

Prepare Frame and Door Leaf

Via Plunge Router : Using Simonswerk's routing templates, prepare the leaf and frame using the appropriate router bits and 30mm bushing guide. Index-d can help provide the appropriate tools for your specific model.

Via Plunge Router : use the milling template documents (dxfs) supplied by Simonswerk to prepare the leaf and frame.

Mount Hinges to the Frame

Block Frame : Conduct routing according to Simonswerk routing data. Install hinge to the frame with enclosed wood screws.

Casing Frame : To ensure a secure mounting, use the Simonswerk fixing plate required for each hinge. Mount the fixing plate by means of appropriate screws (not included) behind the casing. Install the hinge to the plate and frame by using the enclosed M5 screws.

Steel Frame : After affixing the Simonswerk steel frame receiver to the inside of the frame, mount hinge by using the enclosed M5 screws.